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Deadline Specialists, Inc. - President, founder, and chief firmware engineer since 1989. 


Deadline Specialists, Inc. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in hardware, firmware, and software for embedded systems.  Over the last 18 years Deadline Specialists, Inc. has provided engineering support for many companies including:



Agere Systems

ExcelStor Technology

LSI Logic

Seagate Technologies



FlexStar Technology

Maxtor Corporation

Silicon Engineering


Aura Associates

Ford Motor Company


Silicon Systems Inc



Halo Data


Siros Technologies


Cirrus Logic, Inc.


Ovation Technologies

StorCard Inc.


Cornice® Inc.


Pinpoint Solutions Inc.

Symbios Logic



Iota Memories


Texas Instruments



Lucent Technologies




Computer Languages and Processors


·         Fluent in many computer languages including C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN and Lisp.


·         Experience with VHDL and Verilog.


·         Fluent in Java with vast experienced in all the following Java sub-systems, extensions and specifications:  javac, javadoc, JDBC, JNDI, RMI, Beans, JMX, JNI, Security, Serialization, XML JAXP, Concurrency, JAR, Management, Reflection, Regular Expressions, EJB, Jini, JAAS, JMS, Servlets and JSP.


·         Programmed numerous brands of microprocessors and digital signal processors in both assembly language and high level languages including the 6303, 68HC11, 8051, 8096, 80196, 808X, 80X8X, 68XX, 68XXX, 8032, ARM, ARC, H8 and many variation of the Texas Instruments digital signal processors.


·         Ability to quickly assimilate new microprocessors and assembly languages.


Embedded Audio/Video Processing Experience


·         Instrumental in the design, implementation and debug of the firmware for a next generation multi-channel, multi-room digital video recorder (DVR).  The project used multiple microprocessors on multiple chips all running concurrently using the preemptive multitasking MQX RTOS and communicating via a custom messaging system.  Successfully debugged a vast array of microprocessor and hardware level concurrency, caching and communication issues.


·         Responsible for all the video processing firmware including frame rate conversion; converting video between the various standard progressive and interlaced modes (480i, 480p, 1080i, 1080p and 720p); MPEG video frame playback reordering; program identification (PID) setup, remapping and filtering; video stream start code analysis for indexing; and pan and scan, letterboxing, pillar boxing, aspect ratio conversion and other scaling firmware.


·         Responsible for implementation and debug of the line 21 closed captioning system.


·         Responsible for the firmware to implement key management, encryption, decryption, scrambling and descrambling of the audio and video data streams for digital rights management (DRM).  Implemented the low level driver firmware to communicate to the Motorola MediaCipher chip.


·         Enhanced the MTX RTOS used by the system in several ways including the addition of a low-overhead nanosecond-resolution logging system that was used extensively in the debug of the product.


·         Responsible for the implementation of proper frame dropping, frame duplication, and deinterlacing in order to produce a smooth customer viewing experience while using the system “trick modes” (pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.)


·         Shared responsibility for all audio/video synchronization issues with the firmware developer of the audio decode and processing system.  Co-developed, implemented and debugged a reliable and fast audio video synchronization system.


Other Embedded Systems Experience


·         Designed and implemented the drive control system for the PROWLER autonomous military robot.


·         Designed automated gas chromatographs that were used as industrial hygiene monitors.


Mass Storage Related Experience


·         Architected, designed, implemented, and debugged firmware for the ATA, ATAPI, SCSI and 1394 (Firewire) disk drive interfaces.


·         Designed and implemented a multitude of read and write caching system architectures ranging from the very simple (single segment, simple read ahead) to the most complex (multiple variable length segments with full hash table lookup).


·         Specified several hardware assisted read and write caching schemes for interface chip vendors and reviewed many hardware, firmware, and software designs for performance and compatibility.


·         Debugged many interface hardware designs from the earliest IDE electronics to the latest chips from Cirrus, Symbios, Seagate, Adaptec, etc.


·         Designed and implemented a wide variety of entire disk drive firmware architectures and designed entire buffer management and caching systems in firmware and in hardware.


·         Converted a manufacturing and reliability test system from the ATA/ATAPI interface to the Firewire (1394) interface.


·         Worked on projects related to standard magnetic media, CD-A, CD-ROM, DVD, and magnetic tape drives.


·         Worked on almost every aspect of disk drives from interface compatibility issues, interface firmware, and interface hardware through read write channel firmware, tuning, and electronics.


·         Former contributing member of the original ATA interface speciation and standardization committee.


·         Former contributing member of the committee designing the Serial ATA (SATA) interface.




Internet Related Security Experience


·         Designed and implemented a full function digital certificate server.  The certificate server was designed to produce standard X509 digital certificates using standard DSA or RSA asymmetric key generation algorithms.  The server produced Certificate Authority, Server, and Client certificates of any key length and the server was used as the foundation of the security system for an entire suite of secure Internet (TCP/IP) based information services.


·         Designed and implemented the Secured Socket Layer transport mechanism for a full line of secure web servers including a Web (HTTP) server, a Mail (SMTP/POP3/IMAP) server, a Directory (LDAP) server, an FTP server and several other servers.


·         Designed and implemented tools to allow an internet related Java based start up company to digitally sign and encrypt compressed data (JAR) files using standard DSA or RSA asymmetric keys contained in standard X509 digital certificates.


·         Designed and implemented a new simple method of digitally signing data to ensure data integrity.


·         Specified, designed, and implemented the security and access control system for a full line of Internet servers.  This involved designing the access control lists, access control management systems, and the graphical user interface to display and manage the entire password, digital certificate, and access control list system.


·         Beta tested and debugged a program that automatically converts security-related specifications directly into Java classes and access functions.  This program takes an international standard ASN.1 specification of a security related object, such as an X509 digital certificate, reads the grammar of the description, and automatically produces the Java classes and access function needed to implement the described object. 


Other Internet Related Experience


·         Instrumental in the design and implementation of the use of regular expressions to parse and then modify the captured HTML streams for archival and later recovery and playback.


·         Designed and developed a Java byte code instrumentation product.


·         Instrumental in the design and development of an innovative Java performance management system with support for transaction analysis, automatic code instrumentation, root cause analysis and adapters for JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Tomcat, Oracle, MySQL and a wide variety of other middleware applications.


·         Developed an innovative Internet platform based on Java and J2EE technologies.


·         Researched and implemented J2EE specifications, complex database schemas, and many application-level Internet protocols.




University of Colorado, Boulder – double degree in electrical engineering and computer science.


Patents and Patent Applications


Application 20040060043 - Method and apparatus for instrumentation ON/OFF.


Patent 6,430,652 - Method and apparatus for streaming data in a data processing system.